Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Betrayal and revenge

No matter how strong a bond is between two people, we have seen as in my previous post that love often leads to jealousy.
Sometimes jealousy may either lead to betrayal by the person being jealous, or drive the other person to cheat. In either case, when betrayal walks through the door and poor love is sitting on the couch unattended, most people react.
Is revenge the best approach to our hurt feelings and ego?

Based on my poll on wordpress, most people would rather seek revenge. Let us take a look at how this is beneficial or destructive.

Betrayal is viewed differently by many people; those who betray and those who are being betrayed.
Surely the one who betrays has no other worries or concern but guilt to answer to, where as the one being betrayed has a set of emotions to deal with and the contemplation of revenge in some cases.

I think people feel betrayed when trust is broken, a secret has been spilled, a hidden act has been performed or simply when there is a conscious and deliberate abandon of what was held and esteemed as valuable.
Some people however feel betrayed by their own emotions as well when they expect too much, when they foresee a certain course of action, when they base future actions on an idea they make of the other person, and many more along these lines.
No matter the act however, when a person feels betrayed there are usually two main choices to make; forgive or seek revenge.

Based on a poll question on betrayal, most people adopt the course of revenge.
If carefully plotted and designed over some time then revenge may work leaving but a satisfaction of accomplishment.
And yet that same act calls for a revenge unless it is seen as anonymous which would be the best case possible.
Mostly however revenge backfires on the person seeking revenge who is now left with the betrayal of the other as well as the betrayal of the self.
I suppose the best way to seek revenge is to expose the true colors of the person and not by trying to pay them with the same crime or a similar one thus becoming like them in the end.

Of course forgiveness would be the best approach but then again based on the gravity of the offense some action may need to be taken in exposing the face of such a horrid act not in revenge but in truth.

At the end of the day we make our choices and we live by them paying the
consequences of our own actions and reactions.
To avenge oneself or not is clearly up to you.


  1. You are absolutely right, forgiveness is the path to take and exposing them for what they truely are helps with the healing.
    The best revenge however is Living well and being Happy.

    Live Love Laugh
    (Mercury and the Herd);)

  2. "Live Love Laugh" Love the quote:)


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