Monday, October 17, 2011

"Anonymous" movie on DeVere vs. Shakespeare

Edward deVere may have been very well honored and esteemed, though the current
attribution of Shakespeare's work to him may not bear any evidence.
At present many debates are taking place with the advent of the movie "Anonymous" in defense of Shakespeare's name or in approval of his fraudulent act.

The movie may have been directed very well and yet the truh it is trying to lay out there could also be nothing but falsehood... Granted, the issue at hand has been going on for some time, though now it is being spread into the open for all to see.
The first question I ask is why DeVere is unknown to most while the name Shakespeare is known even to those who cannot read nor understand? If the works were so similar as some claim, shouldn't DeVere be known just the same?

And to all those who claim writers write from experience, it is so not true.For I am a writer myself and yet I write from observation as well as analysis not just experience. Everyone writes from experience; it is easy. But to go beyond that .... propelled by inspiration, visions and dreams to see and dive into such field, theme or another; that is a writer. Experience is not a sole pre-requisite to writing nor should it be.

Haven't you heard of authors borrowing others' ideas and building upon them?
Haven't you read books by authors who wrote about things they simply heard of?
Characters can be borrowed from anywhere. Perhaps Shakespeare wrote about DeVere but the assumption that he was DeVere does not follow.

But Oh for Heaven's beauty, if such DeVere did write all Shakespeare's work, his style hath dramatically evolved with the years, his rhymes shifted, his poetic phrases took quite an embellishment....

I have recently met Dan Decker, producer and director of the LV Shakespeare Co at the Shakespeare in the park event. I watched a beautifully acted play and pitied those who could not understand a word being said for it made the play what it is. On his FB wall he wrote a sample of DeVere's work
"Sitting alone upon my thought in melancholy mood,
In sight of sea, and at my back an ancient hoary wood,
I saw a fair young lady come, her secret fears to wail,
Clad all in colour of a nun, and covered with a veil;
Yet (for the day was calm and clear) I might discern her face,
As one might see a damask rose hid under crystal glass."

On the other hand, this is from the master Shakespeare
"EVEN as the sun with purple-colour'd face
Had ta'en his last leave of the weeping morn,
Rose-cheek'd Adonis hied him to the chase;
Hunting he loved, but love he laugh'd to scorn;
Sick-thoughted Venus makes amain unto him,
And like a bold-faced suitor 'gins to woo him."

Notice the endings: face/morn/chase/scorn/him/him
with Shakespeare, whereas deVere's
we notice quite a difference here no!?
Read again and draw the beauty within the lines, you will find Shakespeare to be much more poetic in charm than DeVere can be.

It is possible that the same hand has written both, that by the years DeVere's style changed and matured, that after his death, his wife took it at heart to publish the rest of his works, and so on.
Don't stop here and quote me, keep reading...
But if such was the case, then perhaps DeVere had two personalities and wanted them to remain as such. That is assuming the above is true.

But tell me, how much can one man write while being an Earl with responsibilities and defending his estate and territory in battle and caring for his wife all at the same time?!

But what if there existed a young chap by the name of Shakespeare who was taken by the Earl and given a glimpse of his life to write about? Would his work belong to him or taken away as belonging to the Earl's?
And what if...
I could speculate on many theories just the same.

The attribution in the movie is not based on any logic nor facts but on speculation, theory and assumptions and to add close to 5 decades later. It's the same as with those who question Jesus. Truth is: some things are better left as they are. Else all we have is a theory. Scientists have plenty of theories, that doesn't make them all true. I demand proof and nor will I allow myself to be blinded by the petty details that are thrown to convince me unless evidence is quite extreme and diversified.
It appears that man likes to destroy what man has built.

The sad part in all this is that not only the name Shakespeare will become tarnished by the accusation of fraud, but it will destroy whatever path all these past writers and poets have worked so hard to forge for us.
And soon whence one battle is won, many more will arise and follow. Soon we will be questioning everyone. All we need is a little seed of doubt.

But look closely at the movie industry and their depiction of one race or one theme and you will notice it is all but fantasy. The media has power, people of authority have power, money has power...
And what are we but fools believing what we are being fed of lies hidden beneath the cover of truth.

In the name of Shakespeare, stand tall or stumble in your fall.
Let us defend the name that was meant to remain...


  1. Sad but true,the "Hollywood Elite" care nothing of truth, only the riches they recieve from Philistines and the drooling beasts of the world. I would like to paraphrase Oliver Stone (one of the worst of that Breed)'I want the world to remember MY version of history'
    Some ask how could Shakespeare write these works without experiencing them first hand,the Bard was gifted beyond ordinary people that's how.
    "Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War"

    Live Love Laugh ;)

  2. outstanding... It also made me laugh!


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