Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's lesson

Boy was I stressing today about almost everything and nothing that I felt my hair turn grey as I sat squirming in my seat, lines on my forehead deepening, sweat stinging my eyes.
And I am not exaggerating!

Yes, like many of us on this planet, I had a lot on my plate, nothing I had not gotten my own self into, though still the thought alone of juggling so many projects and dues and necessities all at the same time, was so overwhelming that I almost crumbled under the weight of my own worrying mind.
All this came to bad production of the project at hand, the inability to focus on something else beside worry more on how to complete the rest of my missions.
And then, I lent an ear to my dear friend facing me and listened. Suddenly one word, well more like one statement made so much sense, a word I had not remembered since my stress had taken over.

So what is the point that I am trying to make? Can you guess before you read the rest? I mean just for an exercise of self discovery, jot down an answer on a piece of paper and let us compare.

Now that you wrote that down, I will tell you the key element that was missing in my head and within my attitude as I became overwhelmed with what I had to do and stressed about it all day.
Well, the key was more of a piece of advice hidden like a jewel in a rather medium length story that my really dear friend felt compelled to share with me.

And I found that this applies to many things not just to what I was going trough. He said, you have to realize what is more important to you; because if you are not putting some fun in what you are doing, at the end of the day, all it comes down to is a title, a piece of paper, or whatever else it amounts to.
In other words; and it is common sense to all of us though we tend to forget when worry and stress knock on the door, in order to be productive in the journey, one must have a little fun, one must enjoy it.
Thus, Lesson number one for the day: we must have fun in the process, even when we are struggling and we are short of breath and short on time, for in truth creativity and inspiration, blossom in a harmonious environment and creativity could mean anything, from a dinner preparation to a long company project.

And so, I headed home, less stressed, realizing I should have more fun in my projects, otherwise what is the point really, and would it be worth it if my health paid for it?


  1. Lesson well learnt, i agree... what is the point of one stressing themselves... might as well enjoy the process instead of putting your health in harms way, no point in tormenting yourself.

  2. Yeah, it is easier said than done when a ton of bricks fall on your head, but one must shake his head and say, Hey, I know what to do with those bricks and have fun with it instead. It takes a while.

  3. Wow took you less time than most to figure it out,including myself, good job Gypsy

  4. You reckon? Well if it was a secret, now you know. Don't tell anyone!

  5. I found out the day the sun came up,dont worry Gypsy secrets safe with me,read my post on little victories


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