Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's in a name?

I think it is time for the butterfly to emerge from the cocoon...
Thus I no longer adopt the name of Little Shakespeare although it will always have a sentimemtal memory, and I now spread my wings and fly under my own name.
For after all, as says Master Shakespeare, "What's in a name?..."

But if you enjoy the real Shakespeare, you can get his complete works, available at most bookstores.


  1. In my eyes, it's not the name that defies who you are...but the person behind the name...What's in a name after all ?.... You are what you reap, and anyone to be so fortunate as to grace your Blog, should consider themselves very blessed, to get a glimpse of your exceptional writing skills and other talents as well...Nadina indubitably possess's a gift, described as nothing short.. then AMAZING !!!

  2. I am most flattered, therefore speechless.

  3. shakespeare's been ripped out of his chest where restful he lay,
    to find many little shakespeares have taken his place and tarnished his name.
    I owe thanks to master who showed me the path but resort to my own name in my own journey.


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