Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free book holiday giveaway

So I am not sure what to write about, so I thought I will write a little about my book promo.
I am giving away three copies of The thinking man, paralysis by analysis for the Christmas holidays, and really there is not much of you to do except have fun taking a little quiz that will re late to the way you feel and see things more than it has anything to do with the thinking man himself. Along with the test, you can have a little laugh reading your diagnostic. Once this short 10 question quiz is over, please click the link given and fill out the form for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Here is the link: Quiz and giveaway

The thinking man, which will have a sequel, by the way, is based on you and me as human beings and the emotions we go through on a daily basis, except that it is seen from a satirical point of view.

Oh by the way, I got the sweetest comment on my author page, and much of a compliment really, as I was compared to someone really known. "The thinking man really makes me laugh.it’s a fun look at the game of love and the rules of engagement based on humorous observation with a undercurrent of brutal honesty. While Erma Bombeck is no longer with us we now have Nadina Boun to put smiles on the faces of all fun loving readers."

I was quite impressed but I cannot deny there was a big smile on my face. For a moment there I thought I was invisible, an orphan, well not really me, but the thinking man, given no one wanted to review the book. Sadly for me, but I was smart enough to give away copies left and right and received comments on my page.  See what other readers are saying about The thinking man on my author page

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