Monday, October 31, 2011

Life and death.

Upon reasoning on the nature of death, I have realized it is more important to reason on the nature of our life in this modern day and age as I see it.
So short is our life here with an unexpected ending.
We worry, we fear, we judge.
We dream, we lose, we fight.
At times we remember to love and at times we simply forget.
We hold on to things, we hold on to pain, and sooner or later it's all vanishes away.
We rush, we stumble, we learn.
We corrupt, get corrupted and then change.
At times we remember to take a moment and breathe and at times we simply rush away.
Ironic it is that we think ourselves immortal, not because we think we will not die but because we keep on stalling most of the time, as though we had an eternity.
We open our mind to possibilities that soon let us down.
We aim to achieve the impossible and with science and technology we can, but in the process we forget to live.
Few of us notice the natural beauties, consumed by the new.
We enslave ourselves to the new trend, the latest technological find, the corporate greed, and we tell ourselves we are free.
One day our time too will pass and our great achievements may seem small to those who will follow.
Strangers will remember names and inventions but loved ones will remember a person otherwise.
Did they take the time to care?
Did they once in a while stare
at the heavens, at the fields,
at the light in your eyes?
Did they hold you as you slept
and did they hold you as you cried?
We tell ourselves there is no time and we fool ourselves buying time.
The wrongs we do, the hate we nurture, the pain we cradle, the judgements we cast, will they all matter when death takes us away?
The end is always unexpected. They say one must pray for forgiveness before entering the gates of heaven. But what if one had no time to pray?
We kill human life, we destroy mother earth, we suffocate our own hearts, we muffle our own souls; the essence of who we are.
When do we have time at the end to find who we are, to remember to love, to ask forgiveness, to become the full potential of who we are meant to be?
Surely rare are the ones who are given time...

Death is a the silent and unexpected angel,
a deceiver but so is he a savior and an unfair judge.
Young are the ones who have not been given time,
saved are the ones who suffered long enough in sickness or insanity,
deceived are the ones who thought they had more time,
and until comes our time, no one knows what death for us holds.

This is my idea of death.
What is yours?

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  1. The next step in the Grand Adventure, Great job as usual.

    Live Love Laugh


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