Monday, September 12, 2011

Costa Del Sol Spain

We are back in Las Vegas, after having spent 10 days in Costa Del Sol, south of Spain.
The weather was beautiful, so was the scenery and most definitely the time spent there.
Here are some images from my travel, that I hope you will enjoy and see the beauty of Spain as much as I have.

First Day: Guadalmina Resort, Marbella, close to Estepona.

Second Day: San Pedro, along the coast.

Third Day: Marbella, continuing along the coast, and towards the old town.

Fourth Day: Ronda, where the history of the Matador began.

Fifth Day: Granada, where the famous Alhambra castle remains as a top touristic attraction. The garden of the Alhmabra castle, where the last sultan of the Turks who invaded Spain surrendered, can be glimpsed in the images below. There is a small fee to visit the garden and a separate fee to visit the palace, which does require advance booking.

Sixth Day: Torremolinos and re-visiting the coast.
According to the plaque, Helen (possibly Helen of Troy) was the most beautiful woman in the land. The god Aries, had fallen in love with her beauty, and in order to have her, had transformed himself into a Torro.

Seventh Day: Gibraltar, a British zone. You do need a passport in order to cross to Gibraltar.

Eigth Day: Puerto Banus, the docking port of the rich and famous, and also where Antonio Banderas has a home.

Nineth Day: Malaga, the old town center, in the city.

By the 10th day, we no longer wanted to leave....

One thing to recommend when visiting Spain, is to try out the Goat Cheese and most certainly the Paella.

Note: All images are copyrighted by Nadina Boun. To use an image, please request permission.
Thank you.


  1. Beautiful pictures, a feast for the mind which you will remember forever i'm sure...Welcome back, you have been missed.


  2. Ahh.. Sunny Spain, Jordana is right "a feast for the mind" one day I will get to go there
    via the 'Tramp Steamer' route.


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