Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Burning?

London burning?

While we here in the US have been too busy with something not even internal as much as it is personal, the infamous casey Anthony case, the world has been undergoing a change.

News this morning spoke of London burning, showing images that would make any human who lived there utterly shocked to see such disorder in a place that was built on order.
I have known the people to be more relaxed and less angered at a problem than their brothers elsewhere in the world, when I had lived there some years back; when it was still partially inhabited by the British. But now with everybody and their brothers living there, it is a totally different story.

Rioters and looters and thieves, have been doing their nasty deeds and implanting their violence for some time it seems, and now for three days in a row, they have become almost unstoppable; burning the city to ashes, robbing and infesting the streets with their nasty disease called blind violence, while the police and government it seems, are unable to handle them completely or efficiently except with promises to have them pay for their crimes.

Personally, Regardless of the issue and the reasons why, the question I ask, is where were we when all this started? What sort of news were we watching during all this upheaval? Kind of like the behind the scenes news!

The other question I ask, is what will this amount to? Human beings are so violent in nature it seems that we rebel against anything with violence being our primary approach when we know well that our brain would suggest a wiser attitude if we stop and think for a moment.

By destroying things around us, what are doing but destroying ourselves really? We have become worse than animals, for even animals think and act on instincts even better than we do.

I am appalled by this news, but I suppose it is a lesson all Europe must learn. By housing all sorts of foreigners in our land, we have somehow given them the upper hand. Our land has become theirs, and theirs to destroy.
This is not the first violent event, nor the last, and I assume, no civilized being would destroy his own land and thus I am under the impression these rioters are outsiders, as is usual the case.

That is not to say I am accusing anyone, however the behavior suggests it is not a common one adopted by natives. I am one to believe that although countries should be open to welcome other residents, the abundance of one certain population over the natives of the land will only lead to its destruction and transformation.

The last time I was in London, I met all sorts of nationalities except for British. And if we look around, this is happening all over the world; nations are taking over other nations with their practice and culture and violence simply by being there.
We bite the hand that feeds us it seems no matter what.

If there is such an end as we predict in the near future, it is human made and perhaps humanly deserved. No disaster will eradicate us from the face of the planet, but our own behavior that is sadly destructive to our fellow humans, to our environment, to our land and in consequence to ourselves.

For it seems wars are not enough, religious battles do not suffice, we must always find something to rebel against with violence.

And I suppose this is just the beginning, not just in London, or in Europe but perhaps in the world as we know it. Watch out for more because the disease usually has a strong effect in being spread around.

I am more in disgust towards the  human race than I am saddened by what I see. If hell did exist, it is perhaps here, a result of our own doing. For throughout history, some people are born to build and some people are born to destroy.
Every now and then we hear of something of the sort or of something similar in its weight and effect on us and soon we forget before we are reminded again, that no matter what, it seems we are doomed to dream of the word peace rather than strive to achieve it.

In short, we have been blinded for a while and I wonder when will we ever open our eyes? The world is not ours, the land is not our slave, humans are not our trash and violence is never the answer.
I understand the crisis we are all undergoing, but is this really the answer, the right thing to do?


  1. All events are somehow inter-related, some simply take advantage of the obvious.

  2. Desolation of the earth,..is emanate, unfortunately the human race is conditioned to self destruct...it's unevitable...sadly.

  3. We are such a cyclic creature, we have destroyed ourselves before, some survive and crawl out of the wreckage and vow it will never happen again and start over...someday we will see the truth..we're just more of Gods creatures whistling in the dark

  4. One more thing...you are absolutley right we trash the earth and we are supposed to be caretakers


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