Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More on the Devil's discourse

As the Devil kept walking, he could not resist the sad or defeated faces and carried on with his discourse.

"How very kind an noble of you," said he, "to always lend an ear, always be there in times of trouble, always lend a helping hand. But I wonder how does it feel when you are alone in need and everyone around you has disappeared? Does that still seem right to you?" And no sooner did he utter those words than he disappeared.

"So I see you believe that kindness will pay itself back to you. I noticed how sympathetic you are and how helpful and caring you try hard to be to everyone you see. The question is when will kindnes repay you and when is it enough for kindness to sart paying you back? Personally I find it pointless. And do you really enjoy giving without getting anything back? Isn't your well empty by now?"
Seeing how his listener began pondering upon these statement, the Devil carried on with a smile on his face.

"Well, it is written that you should respect your parents and superiors. But who is to say they know better than you do? Just because they lived a few years longer? Ha! Well I've lived for eternity and let me tell you I have seen some who have lived plenty of years and still know nothing. So are you going to remain so obediant to people who are ignorant?"
It did not take much to light that rebellious fire within and teh Devil was once satisfied as he took his business elsewhere.

"How touching! Depriving yourself to feed another! Just watch how they will rebel against you and forget your kindness. But do you want to know why? Because everyone lives for himself. You can dream all you want but do you really believe someone is that stupid to do the same? There are limits, you know."

"It's nothing but a spell I assure you; the world is not as bright as it seems, people are not as nice as you want to believe they are, friends are not as loyal as you read in books. Betrayal and disappointment are also friends of mine. But only the strong survive and I can show you how."

"Yes, yes, go ahead pray all you want and have as strong of a faith as you can. The mighty creator cares not for your petty life details and will not hear your plea unless you ask of Him what He wants to hear. Ask and you shall receive! But does it ever say what to ask for or not to ask for? There lies the deception my friend. Think about it."

"You believe! Well that is grand but so do I. But having faith beyond the shadow of a doubt; now that is hard work. Tell me how far must you stretch that patience and how often must you stumble until that faith of yours is shaken with doubt? Once, twice? A dozen times? Aren't you tired by now, and time is still running?"

Then lamenting along a passer-by, he continued.
"It is not enough to pray you must remain patient. It is not enough to hope you must have faith. It is not enough to be kind you must love as well. It is not enough to do one good deed you must keep on giving. And so on and so forth. When does it end? Do you ask yourself this question? Does it ever occur to you that you have done enough or is it all simply a test, I wonder?"

Then at times, faster than the devil, comes the voice of the angel of God whispering tenderly in their ears without the need to be seen.

"Always questioning the why! Does the slave ask his master why before obeying his command or does the master know better? Now I ask you will you question why or does the creator, the designer know better of his own design?"
And hoping to change their mind, the angel flees to another in need.

"Before you hasten to do wrong I ask you reconsider. To what purpose and to what gain will it serve? Ask yourself first before you make a step you cannot retreat from. For I know your guilt of old weighs heavily on your conscience and lest it becomes a strong of a burden that prevents you from sleeping at night, reconsider."

"Always in doubt; I see you struggling. Will you ever know I wonder or will your doubt always walk before you blindly leading the way. Warriors are not the only ones with courage for there within lies your courage just the same."
A touch of encouragement is at times all one needs. And the angel once again disappears.

"A little bit more patience... You want it to be great but He wants it to be perfect. Will the foetus come out of his mother's womb after 8 months because he is tired of waiting? And if so, will he be complete?"
The angel knows that hasty plans with premature results fail to reach their goal.

"How does it feel when you cry alone, when you are broken and in need? If only you can remember than you know in your heart you must help others too. Kindness is not a bargain nor is it blackmail. What good will it do you to help you ask. The response is what good does it do you when you are in this position?"
And yet the angel acknowledges the fact that his listener is indeed is this position today.

"Let not your heart hasten to anger for we have all sinned and we are all weak. You too have sinned and are weak. Thus forgive and let go and let your heart remain open."

"Forget about greed for no one died and was able to take his teasure with him. Where your treasure is there lies your heart also; in which case your heart is only dependent on treasures that may fade."

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow! Tomorrow is another day but it it is not for you to know the time and season that God has planned for your passing. Thus I advise you to go ahead and do it today."
The angel knows it needs to be a guide at times and it suffices to say a word or two before fleeing elsewhere with its hopeful light.

"It is the flesh that feeds on water and bread but the heart requires affection. Be kind to others for beneath their flesh lies a heart also."
And seeing the tears upon his face, the angel already knows what his heart contains.

"What's in it for me, you ask. Nothing today, but a possible reward tomorrow. If you cannot take time to sow a seed how do you expect to reap its fruits? Nothing comes out of nothing. And to expect a time and season is like relying on a mad wind to always push your sails forward."

And thus from him the angel of wisdom carrying the voice of God comes forth people who inspire, people who encourage, people who commit and people who make a difference.

I hope you enjoyed this read.
The Devil's discourse

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