Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Devil's discourse

I have been having many conversations with those around me about Religion and temptation, all tying back to my previous blog.
In collaboration with another, we have come up with a dialogue, one that the devil may very well use on a day to day process to convert us from our good intentions to our bad behavior.

And here's how it starts...

Walking amongst the people, the devil chose to manifest himself as a human being
giving advice to those who in his eyes were mislead or perhaps on the verge of giving up.
For life is not always made up of flowers as a matter of fact these are very rare.
Such was his discourse as he read their lives and troubles on their faces.
To those present he was but a shadow but to those he spoke to he was very much real.
And those could be anyone of us.

"You know, you could spend your entire life being good, as a matter of fact you
could even be His right hand. But then hey look at me." Says He to the faithful.

"You know it truly does not matter what treasures you have in heaven for narrow is the road that leads there anyways and you may not go to heaven at all for only few are meant to go there. But I can show you how to have treasures on earth..."

"Yes you can try to be a good christian and I see you going to church every
day but your family is still starving I believe. You can have fields and trees
right here and never again starve or see your family in need. I can show you how, but here's the catch; it requires commitment."

"Things are not going your way are they? You've lost your job, your home, your wife, so what else is there to lose I ask you?
You can rely on God all you want but you've already lost everything.
Why not let me show you how to get everything back. You know you have nothing to lose since you already lost everything anyways."

"So how does it feel to wait in hope for that which you want, knowing you have nothing but hope to rely on? You know patience is a virtue indeed but He has plenty of time and you are only a mortal. You are welcome to wait to go to heaven and find her there or you can follow me and I will show you how to make her love you again."

"In need as always! Yes you may have a house but I hardly call it a home. You have a daughter but I hardly say she has any respect for you. You have a job but you hate it. The way i see it, you have nothing. So when will you start doing something about it?"

"Oh go on, take it, you know you need it. It is not like you are stealing really, it is just that the thing you want happened to be there. You know you can wait all you
want and pray all you can to get that money but you know deep down it is impossible for we all know it rains water but never money. Maybe today is your lucky day."

"Always working always preaching always preparing. Very good. But where will this lead you my friend? I mean look at me; a loyal servant for an eternity and then one slip, jut once, and look where He cast me. Are you not tired of guiding everyone else but seeing yourself slip all the time? I mean this anger of yours is one slip up after another. Do you believe you have a chance? You are just a tool nothing more."

"So I see you have chosen the path of the righteous. How grand! And I suppose, you have also chosen the path of the poor. What a shame to waste a lifetime of pleasures deprived from everything. You are aware that to follow Him you must abandon everything. But are you ready to give up everything you have worked so hard for, for what? a promise for the after life?
Mmmh. Do we even know if we can survive tomorrow let alone eternity."

"Well look at you trying so hard to be righteous. Doesn't it anger you all these sinners in the world? They should burn in hell shouldn't they? They should be eliminated to make the world a better place. So what are you gonna do about it?"

When we are in pain, in need, or simply angry, such words are very convincing. For you know even the Devil believes in God, as written in the Bible, so it is not strange for him to quote it at times in order to stir the rebellious side within us.
And I fear, many Christians or so called believers take things to the extreme, that there is no more purity of thought but rather an impulse to react to anything that does not conform to the Bible, not knowing that by doing that they are doing just the same.

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