Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In thanks and appreciation

Today, I have realized, this poor blog must go.
My ramblings on commonsense-nonesense may suit more a column in a newspaper or magazine, and so I will be focusing on other things beside life issues at this spot.

Before I leave, I would like to give great thanks, though I can't give enough, to those who contribute to the completion of our written work as authors, in art and music necessary to speak for the word itself.
I found a source of great tunes to be used at for my youtube video book launch and images for illustrations, cover design or video slideshows at all offered to us royalty free to help us with our projects.

Amongst the numerous artists I found at Jamendo, and if you check out the sites you will find many, is Zero-Project, whose music not only moved me but spoke to me. I have used one of his songs for the video launch of my poetry book A Heartstorm.
Please join me, as I share an interview with music artist Zero-Project, on my interview page at Please visit, and get to know the artist. There is beautiful music out there that we have not heard of yet, and you may like what you hear.

Second, I would like to thank my fellow Indie authors for their support. I have an upcoming interview with  Jodi Langston, author of Nature of the Beast and Always, which will be featured on her Author's Nook corner, this coming December.
You can find her books on Amazon

Also, I would like to thank my fellow indie author, Ken Hoss, for considering me for his featured indie author section on his blog, also coming next month.
Ken Hoss debut novel is called Storm Rising, already on all sales channels, and will be releasing book two in the series in 2012. Check it out at Amazon
Storm Rising - A Kelli Storm Novel

Finally, for all those who like to read free books, the indie review exchange site offers free books by authors in exchange for a review on Amazon. Please visit the site, you will also find my short stories The thinking man, paralysis by analysis and also Earth and Venus. Read them free at

Thank you for visiting:) Oh and have a wonderful Thanksgiving day! 

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