Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"As a man thinketh"

A friend of mine thanked me today, saying that he was having a very bad day, but all he had to do to make himself feel better was remember the words I shared with him a few days earlier; words I quoted from a book I was reading.
The words, were pretty simple, and I believe many of us have used them unknowing of the author. The words have also been used prior to the man who wrote them and reused differently after him too. The words were simple and easy to understand; "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Notice, it did not say mind, rather it spelled heart!
The concept is very much like what followed after this writer and landed in a book of our time, called "The Secret."

Personally, I was never much impressed by "The Secret", but it appears the universal and golden laws of the book of secrets also happened to be found in this much older book written by James Allen, by the name of "As a man thinketh."

"The Secret" may appeal to some of us, and even influence the way we think and believe to the point that it becomes the ultimate rule or law to follow in life.
To me, the book seemed more spiritual and thus I was not in complete harmony with it when it came to practice. Some people are more spiritual, others are more philosophical. Thus, people like myself, and my friend, prefer a more philosophical approach to the laws of nature, life or the universe.

And so, I thought, it would be nice if I could share the book with others, who are looking to understand but are unable to completely see it from "The Secret" point of view.

A simple statement of "As a man thinketh," to me is more powerful than "The secret".
But to each one of us, there is a door to understanding, believing and learning, that is different for each and every one of us.
Or you can purchase your copy, and decide for yourself.

The Secret
The Secret

The Wisdom of James Allen : Including As a Man Thinketh, The Path to Prosperity, The Mastery of Destiny, The Way of Peace, and Entering the Kingdom (Radiant Life S.)
The Wisdom of James Allen : Including As a Man Thinketh, The Path to Prosperity, The Mastery of Destiny, The Way of Peace, and Entering the Kingdom (Radiant Life S.)

Here, I would also like to stop and share, something that could fall under commonsense-nonesense -for commonsense is always nonesense when we forget to use it- a poem that my friend had shared with me previously, upon the mention of Spock's logic and philosophy, from the original Star Trek.
You can tell, people like us, prefer the philosophical approach rather than the spiritual or emotional one. In most cases, at least.

So here is a nice poem, called "Desiderata" by Max Ehrmann, that I would recommend as a read, when things get tough and you forget to see how simple it can be.

Desiderata : A Poem for a Way of Life
Desiderata : A Poem for a Way of Life

For a history of the origin of As a man thinketh, see


  1. You have that effect on people Gypsy, you make them think. Desiderata is incredible.

  2. That was the whole point.
    "As a man thinketh", think is a key word.
    Yeah loved the poem as well:)

  3. Now and then we receive from writing messages that
    resonate with significance. Here and there we are graced with an old souls words to encourage our hearts and minds.
    Those messages and words fill these pages.
    Thank you for what you have created here.


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