Sunday, May 30, 2010

2012: An end or a beginning?

There has been many debates over the year 2012 lately but most predict that something is due to happen to change the planet and the present people living on it. Scientists say an asteroid might crash on earth causing great ruptures in the core of the planet and wiping out much of its surface. Religious believers say that the Bible's revelation is being fulfilled and the signs have been manifesting through wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, sea rises, iceberg meltdown and so forth that the end of the world is near. Politicians might even fear a third war and are all equipping their countries in preparation for nuclear attack.
Like many I fear an end is coming but I am uncertain how.

While observing the people around me on a night around town, something suddenly occurred to my mind.
We have reached the peak of our present civilization. We are too open, too sexual, too messed up, too violent, too adulterous, too indulging in our food and drink, too oblivious to the rest of the world and the planet, too selfish and self absorbed but mostly too materialistic.
We have also reached a peak in technology. Everything is being robotized or automated that jobs are lacking, people are being laid off and soon to be replaced by machines. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is soon to be wiped out. Religious movements are on the rise with their anti everything approach because we are all sinners supposedly, and computers and Internet have isolated people from meeting socially that we find ourselves resorting to dating sites to meet people or ordering things online avoiding face to face interactions.
We are reproducing cells and life in laboratories, even seeking dwellings outside the realm of planet earth. We have advanced so far that we have become creators not just creatures. We have evolved and yet our morals and our respect for others an self have diminished, our proper ways have become non existent. We lay children left and right, we marry for money and even divorce for money, we live for money that we have become like puppets for financial gain.

If we go back in history all these things have existed once in different forms. Civilizations rose high but then crashed and went backwards, fifty or a hundred years back perhaps. Orgies, drinking, lust, gluttony, adultery, thieves, financial hunger and more have existed since the beginning of time and so did technology to a high degree for how else were the pyramids built or the great wall of China or the Eiffel tower amongst other wonders in the world. But no matter the century, these past civilizations reached a peak at one point and went backwards again. Religious movements and the church in those times restrained people on a leach reinforcing the deadly sins and the ten commandments and punished publicly those who were caught sinning. And then with time and financial gain the church lost its power and people were openly seduced by sin and abundance again before moral rules an society standards found a way to suppress them again. And now here we are extremely seduced once more while religious movements are rising everywhere in the world proclaiming purity and the walk of Jesus in return. These anti sin followers will surely strike a war, a protest, massacres perhaps for not many seem to be following their ways.

Also if we look back throughout history there was always the rich, the middle class, and the poor, and at one point the poor got even poorer and the middle class paid the price. Kings ruled, the middle class paid their taxes and the poor suffered hunger. Now again the middle class is paying the dues of the now poor and we find history repeating itself. The economy is down and even if it were to rise again we are veering towards communism eventually.
Are we going to kill each other for food or are we going to rob one another for basic necessities? The times ate leading us somewhere there.

Something is going to happen soon, something major that will take civilization back to a time uncertain and unknown, where we might even lack basic necessities and the technology we now have. What that something is could be more than just an asteroid, more than religious reform, more than just people robbing and killing one another for food, more than a third world war, more than the environment and earth rebelling in silence, it could be all of the above combined. And if so, times will be very hard on us and all we now know will remain but a memory for those who survive without the means to recreate what is soon to be destroyed.
In longing of what we have we shall be and in need we will remain until another era dawns on us and we recreate from nothing something to marvel about.
But history warns us that we shall become again so conceited and proud with our findings and advancement that we will make way for sin and evil again to reign until something happens to remind us that we are nothing but flesh, than we own nothing but what God can give us and also take away from us, that no matter how high we rise we can never go beyond God. And maybe that time is near and maybe not. But if we can create life than we have already considered ourselves beyond God. What else can we create before we crash again? Will the time of our fall be 2012 or 2025? No one knows the exact time, but our peak evolution tells us to start preparing for a great fall. Will it be the end of time or simply the end of an era and a new beginning?

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