Friday, April 23, 2010

First day

So it's my first time, first day rather, blogging and I am wondering what to write about...
I thought about the movie Julie&Julia and thought to myself do people really read this stuff, and then I thought about Marley&me and wondered, does anyone really care.
Apparently people do read this stuff.... Funny, eh?

So here I am, getting ready to go excercise, stalling as usual after gulping a few cups of coffee as if more than one cup would really awaken you as opposed to make you extremely hyper. Ha!
Come to think of it, it is only 9.20am.
So here I am wondering what to expose on this first day, what to blog about, how often and for how long.
I suppose I must start by saying hello and thank you for dropping by.
More news coming up later at 10... no i'm joking that was the news really.
For now, suffice to say that I will be writing random stuff, about life, thoughts, my thoughts that is, and a few observations I will be making during the day.
Partially nonesense, partially fun, and at times deep, as some of my friends put it.
Did I say friends? Hold on, I have but a few, so let us say acquaintances.
It is time to go to the gym so if you are reading this and it is time for you to exercise, get on your feet and get going.
And you are wondering what does this have to do with Shakespeare??? Right! as the Brits say.
Let's find out on another day, shall we?

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